Reaction to President Trump’s SOTU

AFBF, AgWired Animal, AgWired Precision, NFU, USDA

President Donald Trump made no direct mention of agriculture in his first State of the Union address, but he did address important issues for agriculture and rural America including infrastructure and immigration, trade and taxes.

Trump called on Congress to “produce a bill that generates at least $1.5 trillion for the new infrastructure investment that our country so desperately needs,” which American Farm Bureau Federation president Zippy Duvall says would help rural communities. “Infrastructure upgrades tied to our rural communities will help pave the way for economic renewal that is so badly needed,” said Duvall.

National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson was also pleased with that message. “There is clearly a growing need for significant federal investment in our nation’s roads, rails, broadband, locks and dams. We urge the administration and Congress to move swiftly in developing the promised comprehensive infrastructure package.”

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue was pleased with the president’s address and his commitment to agriculture. “President Trump’s unifying address to the nation recounted this administration’s impressive achievements in its first year, which have strengthened the economy for all Americans, including those who do the important work in the agriculture sector. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is already helping workers and will allow agricultural producers to invest more in their operations and their own families,” said Perdue. “This is a president who has rural America and agriculture close to his heart, as his words and deeds clearly demonstrate.”