Farmers Mutual Hail Turning Data Into Usable Information

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Since the acquisition of John Deere Insurance Company in 2014, Farmers Mutual Hail has built upon advancements in technology and resources to ease the processes for acreage reporting, adjusting reporting and claims adjusting for crop insurance.

“One example would be saving hours compiling scale tickets and all the various pieces of information that you have to aggregate to actually do your reporting, either production reporting or acreage reporting,” said David DeCapp with Farmers Mutual Hail. “What this does is make that digitized information as you’re planting or as you’re harvesting, to be able to just hit a button, literally, and send that information through the Operations Center and into our systems so the grower doesn’t have that much work that they have to do.”

DeCapp said the company talked with lots of dealers at the 2018 Develop with Deere conference about how to ensure equipment is calibrated accurately to make the data work effectively for the customer.

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