FarmLead Launches GrainCents Advisory Service

AgWired Precision, Grains, Markets

A new subscription service from FarmLead has been launched that can provides specific recommendations to farmers on when to sell, hold and/or hedge in various market conditions to improve balance sheets, operations, and grain marketing schedules.

The new service called GrainCents also educates farmers by providing expert insights on global market conditions and how they impact farm operations for specific crops.

GrainCents offers a cost-effective solution to make sense of what is really moving the markets for 12 crops grown in North America, including corn, soybeans, three wheat varieties, and canola. “Too often I hear about ‘just-in-time’ grain marketing; hoping and wishing for better prices,” FarmLead President & CEO Brennan Turner said. “We think that knowing the market you’re in, and the main factors influencing it, can generate a successful grain marketing plan.”

GrainCents is built on Turner’s accurate track record of 93% right calls of when to sell, hold or hedge grain over the past two years. The cost for the annual GrainCents subscription ranges from $250 to $450 per crop, and discounted packages for multiple crops are available.

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