Effective Weed Control Program Ideas from FMC

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Mike Harper, Industry Relations Manager for FMC was on hand for the NAFB Convention and Jamie got to talk to him about weed management programs. It’s that time to look ahead to the 2018 season and Mike offers some ideas for growers.

In the interview you’ll hear Mike talk about how to put together an effective weed management program, how to prevent weed resistance to new dicamba and 2,4-D systems and why soil residual herbicides are so important. When it comes to residual herbicides pre-plant you get a clean field to start with which makes your post applications more effective.

Mike provides more ideas for growers who are planning for their 2018 season. Listen or download it here: Interview with Mike Harper, FMC

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Coverage of the NAFB Convention is sponsored by
Coverage of the NAFB Convention is sponsored by FMC