Precision Ag Bytes 9/20

AgWired Precision, Precision Ag Bytes

  • The Things Network is working to build a global Internet of Things network.  They took a step closer to that goal when they helped a team of collaborating companies connect a Vinduino agricultural sensor station to the eVineyard application via a long-range wireless data connection.
  • The Purdue Agricultural Data Engine (PADE) is a new, online tool developed by Purdue University engineering professor, Dharmendra Saraswat, that allows farmers to process data from their fields without the need to share information with a third-party company.
  • The premier golf and sports turn brand in the BRANDT product portfolio is being re-named.  Grigg Brothers will now be known simple as GRIGG.
  • Matt Hesse will serve as the Chief Executive Officer at FieldReveal, a joint venture created by Wheat Growers, Landus Cooperative, Central Valley Ag and WinField United to provide the next generation of precision agriculture tools and capabilities.