Satshot’s Platform Improves Farm Efficiencies

aerial, AgWired Precision

Airbus Defense and Space is now providing high-resolution SPOT 6/7 satellite data as part of the Satshot platform. The imagery coveres a large portion of the corn and wheat belt of the United States and can be used for deep analysis of specific farmland to improve operations and efficiency.

SPOT 6/7 data provides 1.5 meter high resolution natural color and near infra-red information with daily collection opportunities making the data a valuable source for analysis and decision-making in the ag industry. The large swath and coverage capabilities of the twin satellites allow for mapping from a national level down to fragmented farmland parcels at a very competitive price point. This trade-off between resolution, coverage and revisit is key to monitor crop growth and needs more closely and make better informed decisions.

“We are thrilled to have a partner like Satshot, who is leveraging the SPOT 6/7 sensors for information collection in the US agriculture industry” said Francois Lombard, Head of the Intelligence Business Cluster at Airbus Defence and Space. “Disseminating imagery and data into the hands of our partners that can provide near real time solutions for farmers, agribusinesses and others will have a positive impact on food production and sustainability.”

Satshot President and founder, Lanny Faleide, says this level of quality and resolution is the first for the agriculture industry. Airbus and Satshot plan to continue the partnership and provide more imagery and data in the future.