Precision Ag Bytes 8/30

AgWired Precision, Precision Ag Bytes

  • Salford is introducing the new Valmar 56 series line of granular applicators to replace the 55 series line. The 56 series feature polyethylene hoppers, a new ISOBUS controller and the ability to control up to 4 separate metering sections.
  • Equipment Technologies (ET) has unveiled a new series of hydrostatic sprayers.  The Bruin Sprayers were reengineered for durability required by North American farmers and custom applicators and will be available in two models: HS700 (700 gallon) and HS1100 (1,100 gallon).
  • BASF and Proagrica have signed an agreement to bring one of the first farm management system interfaces to market. Proagrica’s integration and connectivity solutions and expertise will work with BASF’s Maglis to connect with different digital farming applications.
  • Raven Industries has released two new precision agriculture products.  The RS1 combines auto steer, GPS, and Slingshot for easy-to-use navigation and the CR7 is a powerful, lightweight field computer with customizable in-job layouts.