AgGateway’s ADAPT Nears Completion

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Members of AgGateway have been working hard over the last 2-3 years, developing a common model to share precision agriculture data. Now the Agricultural Data Application Programming Toolkit, or ADAPT, is nearly ready for launch. Brent Kemp, Executive VP of AgGateway, and Mark Stelford from Premier Crop Systems and ADAPT committee chair attended last week’s Info Ag Conference in St. Louis to spread the word.

“It’s a more seamless process, so the industry isn’t worried about ‘Can I get this piece of information over to that system using this business system,’” Stelford explains. “Our goal is to make that engineering work a lot easier to drive a lot more options in the industry.”

One of the keys to success in this endeavor has been the strength of their numbers. From just a dozen or so members 12 years ago to more than 200 today, being able to have conversations throughout the industry is critical.

“One of the strengths that we have is that we draw from across agriculture, from multi-national chemical and seed manufacturers through the distribution channel, to retail, and reaching to those relationships with service providers and equipment manufacturers, figuring out where we overload with other organizations like with AEF, with ISO and making those relationships work for our members,” Kemp shares.

Interest in the organization has grown to such an extent that regional branches are now being formed in Europe, Asia, and the southeast. This global network will be able to further the work of programs like ADAPT, giving them more value and avoiding duplicate work.

To learn more about AgGateway and ADAPT, listen to Cindy’s full interview here: Interview with Brent Kemp and Mark Telford, AgGateway

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