Precision Labs Focus on Life Span of Droplet

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Precision Laboratories’ Total Spray Droplet Management considers the entire life-cycle of the drop. This ensures quality spray mixes, improved target placement and optimized retention and coverage. While in Snowbird, Utah at the 2017 Ag Media Summit, we stopped in to chat with Jim Reiss, senior vice president of product development at Precision Labs, to learn more.

“Total spray droplet management is centered around our belief that we can enhance the performance and safety of applications by focusing on factors in the tank, through the air, and on the target,” Reiss said.

As we know, newer herbicide technologies have a strong emphasis on drift control. Reiss said minimizing off-target spray drift is very important, but the entire life span of the spray droplet is what is essential – from the tank to plant absorption.

Listen to my complete interview with Jim to learn how Total Spray Droplet Management works in the tank with applicator control, limits drift through the air and how kinetic energy reduction enhances droplet absorbtion. Interview with Jim Reiss, Precision Labs

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