EFC Systems Adds Adapt-N Tech

Kelly MarshallData, Nitrogen, Nutrient Management

EFC Systems, Inc. has announced they will be working with Agronomic Technology Corp’s Adapt-N nitrogen recommendations and monitoring system to add functionality to their FieldAlytics product. The integration means users will have the ability to take field data already in their software and generate valid variable rate nitrogen recommendations.

“Adapt-N is offered independently, with a solid scientific foundation, and has been recognized by the industry as setting the standard in nitrogen modeling,” said Agronomic Technology Corp’s C.E.O., Steve Sibulkin, citing the tool’s recent NutrientStar validation, and its use as a top tier solution in Walmart’s Supplier Sustainability Toolkit.

EFC Systems is also planning to integrate N-Sight, an Agronomic Technology Corp product that can create a 5-year nitrogen loss report for a field.