Monsanto Call Provides Perspective on Dicamba Developments

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Monsanto held a media briefing Thursday to provide perspective on recent developments with dicamba herbicides.

Monsanto chief technology officer Dr. Robb Fraley and Lisa Safarian, vice president of Monsanto North America, both participated in the call and answered questions from reporters. “Monsanto spent years developing XtendiMax® with VaporGrip® Technology to minimize the potential for off-site movement,” said Safarian. “Like many others in the agriculture community, we are concerned about the reports of potential crop injury.”

Safarian says the outright ban of all dicamba products like Arkansas has done, “will hurt more farmers and not get states any closer to an effective solution.” They are encouraged by the approach taken by Missouri and Tennessee, which have prohibited the use of older dicamba solutions, which are more volatile.

Fraley talked about visiting with farmers in the affected states this week. “The vast majority of farmers that have planted extend beans and cotton on 25 million acres in 34 states and have used the approved over the top XtendiMax® and Engenia formulations have had a great experience,” he said. Fraley admitted he saw soybean fields with “clear symptomology, especially in Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee” but stressed that there are a variety of potential causes for the damage.

You can listen to or download the briefing here: Monsanto Media Briefing