Dicamba Concerns Prompt State Actions

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On the heels of Arkansas, Missouri has issued a pause on sale, use, and removal of all products labeled for agricultural use that contain dicamba. As of today, Monday, July 10th, the Missouri Department of Agriculture has had 145 pesticide drift complaints.

Missouri Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn said, “We want to protect farmers and their livelihoods. At the same time, my commitment to technology and innovation in agriculture is unwavering. That’s why I am asking the makers of these approved post-emergent products, researchers and farmers to work with us to determine how we can allow applications to resume this growing season, under certain agreed upon conditions.”

The Department is waiting for companies to create a special local needs label specific to Missouri. Director Chinn said they are looking at what has been successful in other states and want to give Missouri farmers the tools to be successful. Once that is in hand, it will go into effect immediately.

“We are hoping we can have a new label in place this week. That is our goal. We truly want to make sure the farmers who are counting on this technology have it available to them and the companies want that same thing,” Chinn added.

Listen to my complete interview Director Chinn here: Interview with Missouri Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn