Precision Bytes 7/7

AgWired Precision, Zimfo Bytes

  • Agri-Inject has announced the newest of their fluid injection check valves, the Mister Mist’r.  The new versatile and durable designs brings consistent product injection to a wide variety of applications.
  • Benson Hill Biosystems will be working with GDM Seeds to improve and enhance their soybean research program globally.  GDM will be using Benson Hill’s cognitive platform, Crop OS, to achieve accelerated breeding processes.
  • Bayer has donated $50,000 on behalf of canola farmers through the 2017 More for Everyone project. The money will help rebuilt a school destroyed by fire, provide AED to a community miles from a hospital, purchase equipment for a fire department and other needs important to local canola growers.
  • Soy Checkoff dollars are being used to provide cutting-edge software to growers of high oleic soybeans.  Agrible is proud to provide the data and analysis tools to help high oleic growers in Ohio and Indian become more sustainable and are looking for participants for the program.