John Deere Adds New Tillage Tool

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There was no shortage of exciting new offerings on display at the John Deere Reveal in Moline, Illinois last week. One of those was the new Frontier™ VT17 Series Vertical Tillage Tool with adjustable gang angles, a rolling basket, and two blade options.

“The point of these tillage tools is to mix, slice, and incorporate residue and leave a nice finish for a seed bed coming off the back, so much different than a conventional, traditional disk,” said Scott Geier, marketing manager for John Deere.

The 20 inch flat fluted blade provides typical tillage work, while the 22 inch concave blades are available for situations with heavier residue. Extra weight is built right into the frame, but the tool can be pulled by a lower horsepower tractor at 8 to 10 miles per hour, thanks to a working depth of just 1 to 3 inches.

Geier also notes that the VT17 is easy to use since a lot of the adjustments are mechanical and simple to change back and forth. It comes in four widths ranging from 10 to 15 feet and requires an 85 to 150 horsepower tractor, depending on the size model chosen.

Learn more about the new vertical tillage tool in Jamie’s interview here: Interview with Scott Geier, John Deere

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