Deere Intros More Efficient Headers

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Along with the new S700 Combines for 2018, John Deere is introducing the 700C/FC Series Corn Heads and 700D Drapers for more efficient grain harvesting.

The 700C/FC (folding corn head) Series Corn Heads with the RowMax™ row unit provides up to a 50 percent increase in the life of the row unit gathering chains and features solid-alloy bushings that reduce pin and bushing wear. “We’ve also increased the life of the stalk rolls by up to 25 percent by utilizing a harder material and adding a new wear coating on the front and trailing edges of the blades for increased performance,” says Brittney Guidarelli, product manager for front end equipment. “As a result, we’ve decreased the cost of operation by reducing how frequently wear parts need to be replaced. Producers will experience a savings of up to $20,000 over five years compared to previous models.”

For small grains, the 700D Rigid Draper provides a 20 percent increase in capacity in tough harvesting conditions over the previous model. The 700D features a top crop auger that’s 50 percent larger in diameter (now 18 inches) with heavy-duty drives, high-performance gauge wheels, and a new center section seal kit that reduces center section grain losses by up to 45 percent in canola

Learn more here and in this interview from the John Deere Reveal in Moline, Illinois. Interview with Brittney Guidarelli, John Deere

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