John Deere Rolls Out Smarter S700 Combines

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John Deere is hosting agricultural media today at their harvester headquarters in Moline, Illinois – an appropriate place to unveil a smarter line of grain harvesting technology in the combines and headers John Deere is introducing for model year 2018 production.

This includes four new S700 Combine models (S760, S770, S780 and S790) that offer producers significant improvements in “smart” technology, improved operator comfort and better data, along with the 700C/FC Series Corn Heads and 700D Drapers for more efficient grain harvesting. Building on the proven field performance of the S600 Combines introduced in 2012, the new S700 Combines incorporate the latest in automated harvesting technology. Many of these changes make it easier on the operator by allowing the combine to make needed adjustments automatically, on the go.

“We are focused on, especially with the combine, on how do you harvest smarter,” says Beverly Flores, Media Relations Manager for Deere. “The new combine has a lot of innovation, a lot of true tech, that’s really bringing that together.”

This is the first media event in this role for Flores, who took over for Barry Nelson when he retired last year. In this interview with Jamie, she talks about the excitement about what’s new from Deere. Interview with Bev Flores, John Deere