MagGrow Brings Innovation to Crop Protection

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After three years of developing products, founding member and CEO of MagGrow, Gary Wickham became part of the Pearse Lyons Accelerator just as they were ready to bring their solutions to growers.

It was Wickham’s brother who discovered the need that was the mother of this invention. While working in Florida he saw serious flaws with pesticide spray. As a chemist, Wickham looked at the problem and developed a magnetic technology to solve it.

“Conventional technology tries to control drift, but can’t achieve good coverage and get the product to the crop- it can’t do both,” Wickham points out. “Seventy percent of what they spray is wasted. It goes into the rivers and streams. We stop all that from happening. We reduce that waste to less than 10 percent by passing the fluid through magnetic systems and basically making it easier for the drop to detach to the crop. So growers now have a solution to control drift and also get better coverage, which means they’ll have good yields and be using less to grow more.”

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