BASF Introduces Provisia Rice System

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, BASF, Rice, Weed control

BASF’s Provisia Rice System will offer growers post-emergent control of a variety of weeds, including acetolactate synthase (ALS) resistant grasses, weedy rice, and red rice. The new system has received EPA approval for the 2018 growing system.

“The Provisia Rice System provides growers with a much-needed technology,” said Nick Fassler, Manager, Technical Marketing, BASF. “This system helps achieve more rotational control of operations, enabling growers to consecutively produce rice without increasing weed resistance year after year.”

Developed by BASF, the system enables growers to apply the Provisia herbicide on the Provisia seed crop. This application allows for a rotation of Clearfield® rice, Provisia rice, then Roundup Ready® or LibertyLink® soybeans. This creates ongoing weed control by using different herbicide modes of action: ALS inhibitor, Acetyl-CoA carboxylase inhibitor for rice, and Roundup Ready or LibertyLink soybeans.