Farm Market iD Covers More Than 1 Billion Acres

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data

Farm Market iD‘s annual update is ready for more use on more than one billion acres. That’s likely because the FMiD proprietary data is the only farm and ranch source for detailed information that isn’t inferred or extrapolated. Instead it’s built on more than 100 different objective transactional sources, including some exclusive to FMiD.

Today, Farm Market iD is the only company that can provide deep farm and farmer insights based on current information. The data is built from the ground up starting with over 200 trillion data points including geospatial field boundaries for including over 300 million farm acres. These boundaries are then populated with crops at ¼ acre increments using a combination of county level data requests and remote sensed data. The geospatial boundaries are connected to individuals and entities thus allowing the summarization of crops and acres to the farm operation and ownership level.

“It is a Big Data exercise enacted by Big Data scientists,” commented Steve Rao, CEO.