Brookside Agra Launches H2OExcel Micro-Site

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Water Management, Website

If you’re looking for information about the water conservation agent H2OExcel, you’re in luck. Brookside Agra has recently launched a micro-site with video, research library, and other things to know about the product.

H2OExcel is a proprietary blend of desert plant extracts and high-quality, humic acid-containing biologicals and other natural, non-plant derived nutrient enhancers. The unique chemistry in H2OExcel works to support the dynamic shift in the way modern farming practices have been conducted, and brings to the grower the following benefits: water and input reductions, healthier soils, reduced disease pressure and increased yields. H2OExcel is tank-mix compatible with fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and mixes easily in cold water.

“We put all of the information that you would ever want to know about H2OExcel into one convenient online location,” said Tony Arro, Director of Sales – Specialty Products at Brookside Agra. “The new animated video is particularly helpful in understanding how H2OExcel works to naturally promote beneficial microbes and bacteria in the soil to help boost crop production.”