MZB Releases New Grid Tool

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, Software

MZB offers a turn-key precision farming platform for ag retailers that is now offering even more.  MZB Technologies will now provide grid mapping capabilities to customers who want to use traditional grids or a hybrid of zone and grid data together. The new software package assists agronomists by allowing them to work closely with their growers and manage field data and provide variable rate fertility prescriptions and multi-hybrid or variable rate seed prescriptions.

“With the addition of our new grid tool, retailers will be able to further customize the way they use field data to help their growers make the best decisions on their farm,” said Jordan Tackett, MZB Regional Sales Manager. “Our system is all about boosting productivity while leveraging years of field and soil sample data. MZB is accomplishing this by utilizing the power of our web-based MZB software package.”