IoT Companies Partner for Ag Solutions

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, IOT

If internet on your phone is good and internet on your refrigerator is even better then the unending number of things internet will soon be part of can be awe inspiring. Two companies that lead the way in the Internet of Things (IoT) are partnering to bring this kind of technology to agriculture. Infiswift‘s IoT platform and Libelium‘s IoT hardware have come together to provide solutions that allow connectivity based on individual needs, with out-of-the-box usability. Already the company has provided precision solutions to agriculture, allowing growers remote visibility throughout the entire growing season with real-time soil and weather data.

“No other hardware vendor has this breadth of offering that is robust enough for deployment,” said Arup Barat, CEO of infiswift. “This full-service offering will get data flowing to customers within a day of receiving the hardware. Because the hardware is compatible with the full global spectrum, it can be used anywhere in the world – so we’re elated that customers worldwide will have access to data in the infiswift IoT platform to improve business efficiency and performance.”