DOC Announces Action Over Mexican Sugar

Kelly MarshallAg Group, Government, trade

The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) has announced they will end the current antidumping and countervailing duty suspension agreements with Mexico and impose duties on imported sugar unless the two countries reach an agreement to end Mexico’s unfair trade practices by June 5. Previously the DOC and Mexico had negotiated agreements, but after two years the DOC recognizes the agreements are not working.

The American Sugar Alliance is grateful for the DOC’s decision to move forward. Phillip Hayes, a spokesman for the American Sugar Alliance, said, “For far too long, the unfair trade practices of Mexico’s inefficient, subsidized industry have punished efficient American sugar farmers and workers. We’ve lost more than $4 billion in revenue since their dumping began. Hawaii ceased sugar production in December after more than a century in the business, and more U.S. farms and factories are facing the same fate.”