Grassland Oregon Introduces Cold-Tolerant Clover

Kelly MarshallCover Crops

Grassland Oregon, Inc. will now be supplying three distributors with the world’s most cold-tolerant commercial clovers. FIXatioN Balansa and FROSTY Berseem clover will be available in Canada from TerraSeCo in Vancouver, BC; Performance Seed in Lethbridge, Alberta; and Speare Seeds in Harrison, Ontario. Both of the products have been through rigorous commercial testing and have survived winter conditions as cold as -15 degrees (-26 C) and 5 degrees (-15 C) respectively, with no snow cover.

“We’re very excited to bring the benefits of FIXatioN and FROSTY to farmers here,” says Scott Bowman, General Manager of Speare Seeds. “Interest in cover crops and pasture revitalization have increased at a rapid pace throughout eastern Canada. Products like FIXatioN and FROSTY are a perfect fit for those markets.”

Both have taproots extending to more than 30 inches, making them great for decompaction and regularly exceed 20 percent crude protein and massive amounts of forage.  FIXatioN has been known to provide as much as 250 pounds of nitrogen per acre.