Why FMC Loves @ComClassic

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Commodity Classic may have been a month ago at this point, but the glow of that one show can last all year for companies like FMC Corporation.

FMC Business Services Manager Rick Kesler says Classic is one show where they can reach a lot of different farmers. “A big part of FMC’s business is in corn and soybeans and when you can bring those two groups together and then put wheat and sorghum in along with that, it’s very worthwhile for us to be here,” said Kesler, who says the growers who attend the show are the best in the country.

Kesler was recently honored by by National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants for his service to agriculture. Listen to Chuck’s interview with him here:[wpaudio url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/zimmcomm/classic-17-fmc-kesler.mp3″ text=”Interview with Rick Kesler, FMC”]

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