Seed Industry Takes Capitol Hill

Kelly MarshallASTA, Government

Members of the American Seed Trade Association are coming together to tell the story of the seed industry to members of Congress. Participants hope to highlight the 2017 ASTA priorities, including the need for a strong trade agenda, funding for key research and science programs through the USDA, the need to review the Food Safety Modernization Act, and policies that align with science-based research, among other topics.

“From international trade, to plant breeding innovation, Farm Bill and funding for critical research and conservation programs, Congress is debating serious issues that will affect the seed industry’s ability to continue meeting the evolving needs of farmers, consumers, and the environment in the years ahead,” said ASTA President & CEO Andrew LaVigne. “So many issues impact the seed industry, and the seed industry impacts virtually every aspect of our daily life. We’re excited to bring our diverse industry to Capitol Hill to share our unified priorities for ensuring better seed for a better quality of life.”