BASF Invests in R&D

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, BASF, Herbicides, Weed control

The $270 million in capital improvements over the last three years make BASF‘s faculty in Beaumont, Texas their largest product facility in the company’s history– and the only plant in the U.S. manufacturing dicamba. BASF has also invested $290 million in eight of its other locations to provide solutions for growers, like the latest innovation, Engenia herbicide. The new herbicide is specifically designed for dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton with a heavier weight and stronger bond relative to DGA and DMA formulations. These advancements offer reduced volatility and off-target movement of the dicamba molecule.

“Our commitment to North America is clear. The agricultural market is changing, and growers are demanding the newest and most effective technologies to increase profitability,” said Paul Rea, Senior Vice President, Crop Protection, BASF North America. “BASF responded to growers’ needs by making significant investments in production to deliver effective solutions to help farmers manage weed resistance and produce higher yields. We could not have done this without our skilled workforce in Beaumont and across North America who not only help growers, but also help drive our economy.”

As part of the Engenia herbicide launch, BASF is also offering in-person and online training through the On Target Application Academy (OTAA). This one-of-a-kind educational opportunity provides extensive training that promotes correct and effective herbicide application.