#Classic17 Announces Second Largest Event!

Kelly MarshallCommodity Classic

Despite some challenging economic times in farm country this year, thousands headed to San Antonio earlier this month to “Farmer Up!” and attend the 2017 Commodity Classic.

The final total for attendance was 9,303 – second only to last year’s Classic in New Orleans. That total included over 4100 growers and 920 first time attendees.

“Commodity Classic continued in its tradition of excellence this year, demonstrating the enthusiasm America’s farmers have for continuous learning and improvement,” said Commodity Classic Co-Chair Kevin Ross of Iowa. “From the exhibit halls to the learning sessions, the men and women who attended generated an electric energy sparked by their passion for agriculture.”

The trade show featured 425 participating companies, including 83 first-time exhibitors who filled 2,266 booth spaces and represented a wide range of technology, innovation, equipment, products and services.

We have most of our stories from Classic done at this point – you can find links to everything in the Commodity Classic virtual newsroom. Thanks to all of the great companies who made it possible for us to being Classic to you!

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