Topcon Agriculture Presents New X35 Console

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, technology

The next generation of X-Family touchscreen displays is now available from Topcon Agriculture. The 12.1 inch console is easy to use with simple upgrades designed for the operator’s needs. It’s an all-in-one system which provides variable rate control of up to 200 sections for as many as eight products, all managed through cloud-based technology.

“The X35 console adds to the Topcon premium range of agriculture solutions, including the user-friendly functionalities that made the X30 a reputable solution in the industry, and offering additional benefits for farmers,” said Markus Kalin, product manager.

“The new feature, Horizon XTEND™, allows users to manage control applications via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones,” said Kalin. “Additionally, the Remote Assistance Tool allows technicians to remotely diagnose and fix issues, as well as agronomic consultants to advise and configure remotely.”