The Culture of Smartphones in the Ag Leader Display

Kelly MarshallAg Leader, Agribusiness, Displays

Jeff Dickens, Product Sales Specialist at Ag Leader, was at the National Farm Machinery Show to talk to customers about the new features of the InCommand displays. The common thought for their Display Cast product is that two machines in the same field can talk to each other, Dickens says, but it’s more than that.

“We took it one step further at Ag Leader. We are using a cellular connectivity with our AgFiniti cloud and so by doing that we can utilize the planting information– in the sprayer, in the combine, throughout the whole operation– so it don’ts matter if they displays are being used at the same time or not. The information all gets piped up to that cloud and is all accessible from any of the other displays anytime throughout the year.”

Of course, the machines will still talk to one another in the same field live, but Ag Leader says they’re really trying to give operators more of what they’d find on their smart phone: access to all their information from anywhere they can get signal, and under one login.

Learn more in Chuck’s full interview with Dickens here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Jeff Dickens, Ag Leader”]

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