New Holland Expands PLM Offerings

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The National Farm Machinery Show was a busy time for New Holland and Luke Zerby, who was introducing three new Precision Land Management (PLM) products. The first is Intelliturn, intelligent steering that make end-of-row automated turns. But this new product does more than just turn around; it knows where you’ve been in the field and steers the tractor around planted ground, and can adjust for odd-shaped fields. The technology is one of the layers of information New Holland gained working on another project, Zerby explains.

“This is all coming from a project we launched last year at the Farm Progress Show with the New Holland Drive. That concept, that technology, that research– we don’t have a full autonomous tractor here for you to purchase today, but we have some of that technology that we’ve learned in the process and we’re able to bring that to you to market today.”

New Holland is also offering another step forward in drone technology. The data is great, Zerby says, but it’s the management that’s exciting. The PLM Drone Data Management package is an all-in-one solution that comes with not only everything you need to fly the drone (and license it properly with the FAA) but also the software to evaluate the information. Of course, corn and beans lead the way when it comes to agriculture technology, but the software also works with many other forms of agriculture, from orchards to livestock. And even though the product has just launched, New Holland is ready with phone, online, and live tech support from the app.

For more information about this products or the newly launched Cygnus-A receiver, listen to Chuck’s full interview with Zerby here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Luke Zerby, New Holland”]

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