DTN & DataOnTouch Announce Partnership

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Company Announcement, weather

DTN/The Progressive Farmer and DataOnTouch have announced they’ll be working together to provide growers and retailers with enhanced weather and soil forecasts. They will be able to provide innovative underground soil moisture and temperature forecasts, says Phil Brewer, vice present of marketing for DataOnTouch. That will enhance the current nitrogen model and seasonal crop growth state predictions, making it easier for growers to make decisions about nitrogen and other inputs. DataOnTouch’s customers will get this information thanks to DTN/The Progressive Farmer’s largest private weather station network.

“DataOnTouch is an industry leader in providing comprehensive input and output data about a farming operation. It allows farmers to evaluate data from their entire operation and work with their ag retail salesperson to make the best decisions possible, while considering past history, costs and goals for the current year, and weather forecasts for the season,” said Brewer.