Precision Ag Bytes

Kelly MarshallPrecision Ag Bytes

  • Geographic Farm has withstood the comprehensive vetting process and is now an Approved Supplier of real estate media services for RE/MAX’s network of affiliates, agents and brokers, meaning the company may now offer its high-return ad-optimization, lead-generation, conversion, and marketing services to RE/MAX.
  • BASF has supported students experimenting with plant cuttings in zero gravity with research know-how, scientific consultancy, materials and equipment.  Now that trial has launched into space for a stay at the International Space Station.  If cuttings can be used to grow food in space it will be a significant advance for long-term space missions.
  • Tomorrow will kick off the PrecisionAg Professional Innovation Series Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Ag retailers, cooperatives, agronomic and precision consultants, extension specialists, and equipment dealers will attend to discover the latest technologies.