GROWMARK Encourages Sustainability with N-WATCH

Kelly MarshallAudio, Growmark, Nitrogen, Nutrient Management

nafb-16-growmark-lance Farmers know that every year is different, so GROWMARK is helping producers make the best choices for their fields both environmentally and economically through the N-WATCH program.

“It’s a tool that allows us to better manage nitrogen, so we’re doing what’s best for the crop from an economic standpoint, but also from an environmental standpoint, so we’re not over applying,” says Lance Ruppert, Director of Strategic Agronomy Marketing for GROWMARK.

Soil samples from a 3 inch grade around the cutter bar’s 30 inch application are analyzed to understand where nitrogen is across the field, what form it is in, and how deep it has traveled– information that is always important, but especially when conditions vary from average, Ruppert explains. For example, soil sampling provides information about the necessity of additional applications after a warm winter with big rains . In a drought year sampling can help determine if leftover nitrogen can best be utilized by planting a cover crop.

Understanding the movement and placement of nitrogen is critical for good management and to make the most of the investment, Ruppert emphasizes. It’s how you build better soil, a better business, and a better environment.

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