Kubota Allies with Precision Guidance Tech Company

Kelly MarshallEquipment, Guidance

Kubota Tractor Corporation and Smart Path Systems are now working together to provide guidance technology for the Kubota M, L, and B-Series tractors, F-Series mowers and utility vehicles. The new precision systems allow for autonomous steering for mowing, sweeping, spraying or snow removal with sub-inch accuracy and a simple android tablet app.

Operators have the option of taking predetermined paths created in the web portal management system, or record their own path, allowing an operator to replay the exact same route at any time in the future. This record and replay approach is ideal for plowing snow and sweeping walking trails, spraying along fence rows or cracks, repeated mowing by less-experienced operators and striping a fairway with precise consistency. According to Smart Path, users of the technology have experienced a 20 percent increase in time savings or productivity gain.

“Kubota is the first to bring this level of technology to the market segment. Applying Smart Path’s precision guidance technology to Kubota equipment furthers our commitment to continuous improvement,” said Todd Stucke, Kubota senior vice president, marketing, product support and strategic projects. “We give our customers the tools they need to get their work done more efficiently and effectively, and this alliance will give our customers access to advanced technology that will further enhance their user experience and make them more productive and more profitable.”