Altavian Expands Line with Multispectral Sensor

Kelly MarshallAerial Imagery, UAV

The world of drones has an ever changing landscape, and Altavian is making changes of their own by partnering with MicaSense to integrate their RedEdge multispectral camera on Altavian’s UAVs.  The Nova and Galaxy UAVs are capable of 90 minute flights covering up to 600 acres, now while simultaneously capturing images using RGB, NDVI, CIR, GNDVI, NDRE, and Chlorophyll Maps.

“Our partnership with Altavian, will help empower growers, agronomists, and agricultural service providers to easily capture data on a large scale, for greater insight into crop health. The integration of our RedEdge sensor on an advanced long-endurance platform combined with data analysis and processing by MicaSense Atlas, provides end-users the tools they need to effectively manage their farms.” – Gabriel Torres, co-Founder and CEO