Former Ag Secretaries Show Support for Dow-DuPont

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Dow AgroSciences, Dupont Crop Protection

Clockwise from upper left: Former agriculture secretaries Clayton Yeutter, Dan Glickman, Tom Vilsack and Mike Johanns

Former U.S. agriculture secretaries Mike Johanns and Dan Glickman outlined their support of the proposed Dow-DuPont merger in an op-ed published today in Morning Consult.

“Given the current landscape, now more than ever America’s farmers need what Dow and DuPont are proposing – a strong, focused American agriculture company that is American-owned, championing the interests of the American farmer in a marketplace that may soon be dominated by foreign-owned behemoths,” said the two secretaries of opposite parties. Glickman served in the Clinton administration, while Johanns served under George W. Bush, as well as being both governor and senator from Nebraska.

“For farmers across this great nation – and around the world – the stakes are real. They all want a faster, bigger and better stream of new products, techniques and tools because they need them…They need a strong, American-owned agriculture company by their side,” they concluded.