TerrAvion Partnering with Servi-Tech

Kelly MarshallAerial Imagery, Agribusiness

TerrAvion provides its customers with weekly aerial images taken from a low-alititue plane that are uploaded to the cloud to offer growers information for scouting and management decisions with unprecedented accuracy. The data, photographs, NVDI images, thermal images, custom color maps and high-resolution histograms offered to their customers will now also be available to those using the crop consulting services of Servi-Tech, Inc., thanks to a new partnership.

“TerrAvion is providing us with a new way to give our growers NVDI, thermal and color images, and display them in our data portal,” said Jeff Kugler, CEO of STEPS. LLC. “TerrAvion’s flights cover larger areas in a much more reliable and cost-effective way than drones or satellites ever could,” offered Greg Ruehle, President & CEO for Servi-Tech, Inc. “We are excited to team up with TerrAvion to give our customers the information they need through aerial imagery to make more informed decisions around irrigation, soil quality and the health of their plants so they can improve their yield each season.”

“Servi-Tech is a leader in crop consulting and understands how vital imagery and timely data is to growers to improving crop yield,” said Robert Morris, CEO of TerrAvion. “We are excited to work with their team and help their customers leverage all types of aerial images to help identify problems before they become serious issues that can impact their bottom line.”