Commodity Classic Features Wide Range of Topics

Kelly MarshallCommodity Classic

There will be plenty going on for those attending the 2017 Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas on March 2-4.  As the largest farmer-led, farmer-focused convention and trade show, the Classic features a wide variety of educational opportunities, and with the newly published schedule, now you can see exactly what’s being offered in the Learning Centers.

“Learning Center presentations are selected by farmers for farmers, so that means you can be assured that the content, presenters and information are relevant, current and essential to a farmer’s success,” said Kevin Ross, an Iowa farmer and co-chair of the 2017 Commodity Classic. “During these challenging times, it’s even more important for all of us to ‘farmer up’ and find ways to become even smarter, more efficient and more profitable.”

Learning Center Sessions include:

Thursday, March 2:

“Break Through Yield Barriers: Production Practices for High-Yield Acres Nationwide” sponsored by Stoller USA: A panel of growers shares their season-long approaches to managing crops for maximum performance.
“The Ag Economy Barometer: A Look at Conditions Headed into 2017” sponsored by Purdue University Center for Commercial Agriculture: A panel discussion of key economic and financial insights producers need to know heading into 2017.

Friday, March 3:

“The Link Between USDA Statistics and Administration of Farm Bill Programs” sponsored by USDA National Agricultural Statistics Services (NASS) and National Corn Growers Association: How statistics and grower data are used to implement Farm Bill programs.
“Plant Health: A Pivotal Input in a Successful Management Plan” sponsored by BASF: How growers can reduce risk on their operation and maximize yield potential with healthy plants throughout the season.
“Achieving Sustainability with a Certified Crop Adviser” sponsored by American Society of Agronomy’s International Certified Crop Adviser Program:
“Collaboration is Key to the Future of Mississippi Watershed: Agriculture, Conservation, Transportation working Together for America’s Watershed Initiative” sponsored by National Corn Growers Association: How stakeholders are working together to improve the economic and environmental assets in the 31- state Mississippi River Watershed.
“Taking Weed Management to the Next Level” sponsored by Monsanto Company: A discussed on weed management best practices with a focus on dicamba application and improved stewardship.
“Mitigating Risk, Maximizing Input Efficiency and Farm Profitability, and Increasing Sustainability with Drip Irrigation Technology” sponsored by Netafim: An examination of the role of rip irritation in high-yield growth strategies.
“Lady Luck, is Thy Name La Nina?” sponsored by DTN/The Progressive Farmer: Agricultural Meteorologist Bryce Anderson discusses the potential impact of weather patterns on the 2017 growing season.
“Preserving New Soybean Herbicide Technologies in the First Against Resistant Weeds” sponsored by Syngenta: A discussion of herbicide resistance and preserving the efficacy of soybean technologies.
“Soil Health Farming: Optimizing the Use of Cover Crop, Conservation Tillage and Nutrient Management Approaches On-Farm for Economic Profitability, Productivity and Environmental Protection” sponsored by National Corn Growers Association: A panel discussion soil health practices featuring farmers, educators and crop consultants.

Saturday, March 4:

“The Emerging Bioeconomy: Opportunities and Challenges in Achieving Scale” sponsored by Corn Refiners Association: A discussion of the barriers, opportunities and potential of the bioeconomy.
“Capturing the Genetic Potential of Today’s Hybrids” sponsored by AgriGold Hybrids: NCGA Corn Yield Champion Randy Dowdy shares keys to achieving higher yields.
“Hot Topic from Our Nation’s Capital 2017” sponsored by John Deere: A panel of DC insiders will share their thoughts on what lies ahead for farm policy in Washington, DC in 2017 and beyond.
“GMOs and Sustainability Go Hand ‘n Hand” sponsored by U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance: A presentation on how farmers can talk with consumers about the sustainability behind GMO technology.
Details on the Learning Center sessions as well as other educational offerings at the 2017 Commodity Classic are available at Registration and housing are also available at this website.