Top Ten Precision Posts for 2016

Kelly MarshallZimmComm

Some people seem anxious for 2016 to hurry up and be over.  Personally, as I look back over the year I find I’m pretty grateful, all in all.  There are always highs and lows, but at the close of the year it’s good to focus on the highlights more than the downsides.

Which brings me to the highlights here on Precision.  Here are the top ten most viewed posts based on web traffic, not counting social media or posts from previous years.

1.) John Deere Hagie Joint Venture Progressing Well
2.) Big Reveals from Case IH at #FarmProgressShow
3.) John Deere Promises Improvements for 2017
4.) Precision Planting Launches vApply And vApplyHD
5.) All-in-One Platform from @Farmers_Edge
6.) Dreaming Up Solutions At Develop with Deere
7.) Develop with Deere Is More than Daydreams
8.) John Deere Shows off Carbon Boom on Sprayer
9.) New Study Reveals Urgent Need for Labeling Law
10.) Agrible Making Big Impression at #NFMS16

I think it’s been a rather interesting 2016 after all!