Precision Ag Bytes

Kelly MarshallPrecision Ag Bytes

  • The National Science Foundation has given a $1 million grant to Harvest CROO Robotics to assist with their mission of finding answers for agriculture labor using technology.  The first phase will grant $225,000 for research and development of a robotic strawberry picker.
  • West Central Distribution is announcing a new starter fertilizer SoyShot, a member of their chelating agent Levesol family.  SoyShot provides the same benefits as the original Levesol, while increasing the nutrient package for more effective crop fertility.
  • Precision Planting is hosting their first conference solely for precision agriculture for sugar beets. The half-day event will take place on January 20 in Fargo and will focus on presentations from leading agronomists, dealers, growers, and Precision Planting sugar beet experts.
  • American Soybean Association is welcoming Renee Munasifi as Regulatory Affairs Manager.  Munasifi spent the previous six years as Senior Policy Advisor for Congresswoman Noem of South Dakota, a member of the House Ways and Means Committee and Senior Duty Whip.