Alltech Acquires Crop Solution Company

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Company Announcement

Joaquín Martínez, managing director at Solbiosur, is pictured alongside Jomi Bernad Blanch, Iberian regional director for Alltech, at the acquisition signing.

Alltech has acquired Solbiosur, a specialised agricultural and horticultural crop solutions company in Spain. Solbiosur is a provider of innovative agricultural and horticultural solutions dedicated to improving yield and efficiency for the producer. Solbiosur manufactures and distributes solutions that are respectful to the environment and are cost-beneficial for the producer.

“Solbiosur has worked in collaboration with Alltech for the past five years,” said Jomi Bernad Blanch, Iberian regional director for Alltech. “Our coming together will mean an ability to deliver greater value to our agricultural and horticultural farming customers. Between Alltech’s primacy in science and Solbiosur’s distribution strength and reach, we have a winning combination for delivering greater crop efficiency and profitability directly to our customers.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for the growth of our business, not just in Europe, but around the world,” said Steve Borst, general manager of Alltech Crop Science. “We are excited to have Solbiosur join with the Alltech Crop Science team and we look forward to the customer support this will enable us to provide in the region. Both companies have a very progressive mindset on the future of agriculture and the technologies needed to improve the health of crops while maintaining a high standard of environmental stewardship. This is a thrilling time for both of our businesses, and we look forward to the growth opportunities it will provide.”

“Joining the Alltech family creates an exciting future for Solbiosur,” said Pedro Navarro, commercial director at Solbiosur. “Alltech is a well-respected agricultural leader providing nutritional solutions across animal and crop production. Solbiosur’s new journey with Alltech will further strengthen our ability to deliver crop and horticultural nutrition solutions to a wider market given Alltech’s reach in more than 120 countries worldwide.”