New Holland Wins Four AE50 Awards

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Award, New Holland

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has awarded New Holland with four of the year’s most innovative designs in engineering for food and agriculture.  The IntelliBale™ ISOBUS Class 3 Tractor & Baler automation for New Holland Roll-Belt™ Series, SmartTrax™ with Flex Technology, CX/CR Everest 20 levelling system, and the T7 Heavy Duty Enhanced Engine Brake each earned this honor.

“We are pleased and honored to receive recognition from ASABE for our innovation within the agriculture industry,” said Bret Lieberman, Vice President for New Holland North America. “Each of our technologies are designed to offer efficiency, increase productivity, and offer farmers advanced machinery to produce quality results.”

· The IntelliBale™ system automates the tractor and baling control functions, reducing operator fatigue and fuel consumption and enables the baler to control the tractor’s forward motion, bale wrapping, bale ejection, and tailgate closing. The ISOBUS 3 technology has proven productivity increases for many Roll-Belt owners in the last year.

· SmartTrax™ with Flex Technology for New Holland CR or CX Flagship Combines offers an alternative to traction tires to reduce ground compaction and improve operator comfort. Operators choosing SmartTrax™ with Flex Technology can ride comfortably and safely at road speeds up to 19 mph and benefit from a 60-percent reduction in ground compaction compared to combines with tires. Double-hinged rollers in the tracks maximize the contact surface between track and ground and reduce stress on the track belt and roller, resulting in longer belt life.

· New Holland CX/CR Combines with the Everest Leveling System give operators a new way to experience flagship combine technology in extremely hilly conditions. The I2J Everest Leveling System is a stand-alone kit that converts the harvester from a standard combine into an expert hill-climbing machine, while providing the advantages of operator comfort and harvesting capacity.

· The T7 Heavy Duty Enhanced Engine Brake feature is designed to increase the durability of the tractor and trailed equipment’s brakes when decelerating or holding a speed while descending a gradient. For the enhanced engine brake, New Holland has taken engine components, the turbocharger and cooling fan, and developed a control logic that integrates them when the engine brake is activated to increase the amount of kinetic energy that the engine can dissipate, decelerating the tractor safely and efficiently.

Submissions to ASABE come from around the world.  A panel of judges select up to 50 of the most innovative products.