Syngenta Finds Unexpected Use for Enogen Corn

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Duane Martin manages the Agrisure portfolio for Syngenta corn and soybeans. “We’re very proud of the technology we’ve brought to the corn and soybean market over the last several years- launching more new technology, more new traits, to especially the corn business one the last five years than any other company in the industry,” he told me at the NAFB Trade Talk event.

Selling traits is about helping growers solve problems, and Syngenta has products in place to help with many issues facing farmers today– like the recent resurgence in pests or water stress. Trait packages and trait stacks can mean a world of difference in situations where pests don’t make themselves know until the combine drives through the field. Products like Agrisure Artesian offer high-yeilding crops in good years while protecting plants when they’re missing critical rain fall.

But possibly most exciting is the new use of the Syngenta’s Enogen brand. Enogen was developed to provide 360 degree value for the farmer receiving premiums to ethanol plants gaining higher efficiency. However, good technology companies do more than just develop new products, Martin explained. They also look for additional uses for existing products, which is how Syngenta discovered the benefits of Enogen corn to livestock feed. The product provides a much more digestible feed for beef and diary herds and benefits producers struggling to balance on a tight budget.

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