Nitrogen Management Solutions from Agrium

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Temperatures across the U.S. have discovered winter, prompting growers to start thinking about next year, particularly when it comes to applying nitrogen. That’s where Scott Russell and Doug Akromas come in. They represented Agrium at the Trade Talk event at NAFB, a company that produces, markets and sells fertilizers.

Nitrogen management is a big deal for a lot of reasons, and Agrium offers a great solution. Their ESN product is a polymer coated urea that prevents nitrogen from being released too quickly or from evaporating. Instead urea sits in the coating until conditions are right, then moisture causes it to change to a liquid that slowly seeps out of the coating over time.

To make the most of this product and others, Agrium has opened a new technical center in Colorado to find innovative ways to maximize the benefits of the polymer coating. They’re looking for new methods of coating nitrogen, as well as ways to make the technique work for other nutrients. In addition, a new generation of ESN is coming soon.

“We’re hoping to have new products coming out in the next six to twelve months,” Doug Akromas told me. “We want to continue to have new products coming out so we can stay on top of our game here in the competitive market of fertilizers. It’s just an exciting time for us.”

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