Always Something New at Verdesian

Kelly MarshallAudio, NAFB, Nutrient Management

As Technical Development Manager at Verdesian Life Sciences, Todd Carpenter is responsible for phosphorous and potassium products, which is an exciting place to be, he says. “There’s new coming everyday!”

Verdesian focuses on improving plant nutrition. “We do that through seed treatment inoculant products, through products that enhance nutrient usage efficiency in nitrogen and phosphorus and we’re working on potassium as well, and also through foliar nutritionals and dry micros, so all of those spaces, including some biological work,” Carpenter explains.

Take Off technology is something he’s especially enthusiastic about. The original license was purchased from Los Alamos Laboratory and really is “rocket science” Carpenter says. The technology works from the inside of the plant, creating a hunger pain for nitrogen and carbon, enhancing early germination and grain fill. Currently Take Off is offered in seed products and foliar, but new research may lead to its use in starter fertilizers or other places that would allow it to help the plant through critical stages.

The product preformed well in 2016, with a minimum ROI of 3 to 1. Using it with other products can send ROI skyrocketing to as high as 15 or 20 to one.

I also asked Carpenter about new products in the works; listen here for information about what’s coming in the next two to three years [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Todd Carpenter, Verdesian”]

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