Syngenta Products Mean Potential

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nafb-syngenta-palle-pedersen Palle Pedersen says a bag of soybeans from Syngenta is really a bag of potential.  Over the last few years, growers have been breaking yields and that’s because of innovations and technology, he told me at the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk event.  Those innovations should mean top yield potential in every bag.

“At Syngenta, R&D is the backbone of what we’re doing. So when you are buying a Syngenta product you are also buying into the future– meaning that this year we’ve invested $1.3 billion dollars in R&D globally, so it’s about 9 to 10 percent of our total revenue. We know that things will change in nature, that’s the way nature is, but we will adapt.”

Buying seed during a time of low commodity prices adds another layer of importance to getting the most out of your investment, Pedersen says.  Seed treatment is a solid investment, with trials showing a 3 to 3.5 bushel increase over untreated seed. “It’s very hard to loose money with seed treatments,” he assures.

It’s important to know what you’re getting, when it comes to seed treatment.  Not all products are created equal, and know the recommended rate or you may not be getting the protection you are expecting.

And while the current prospects for controlling nematodes that cause problems like Sudden Death Syndrome in soybeans are strong, Syngenta is excited about what’s coming.  Within the next three years the company expects to have a product that will raise the bar on insect and disease control.

Part of that will come from the new 38,000 foot facility in Minnesota, because a bag of seed is potential, but it’s also service and support, Pedersen says.  The new facility will provide training on all products offered in North America, making sure growers have exactly what they need.

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