NCGA Partners with Benson Hill Biosystems

Kelly MarshallAg Group, biotechnology, NCGA

benson-hill-biosystemsThe National Corn Growers Association has formed a partnership with agriculture technology company, Benson Hill Biosystems. The relationship will provide accelerated breeding and development of new corn hybrids with the CropOS system. This cognitive engine uses cloud biology to create a new generation of plant genomics, moving them quickly into the marketplace.

NCGA-Logo-3In an era of unprecedented agriculture industry consolidation, innovation in corn genetics is being further limited to a few large companies with budgets for significant R&D investment. Benson Hill’s CropOS platform empowers organizations of any size to innovate and provide growers choice, whether that be for disease, maturity or specific environmental requirements. With a handful of companies owning roughly 85 percent of the corn market, there is limited incentive to address more geographic-specific needs; Benson Hill’s CropOS opens up new research opportunities.

“The financial and broader support of NCGA underscores our opportunity to empower innovation and help level the playing field for those seeking to develop high performing varieties, even on a local or regional level,” said Benson Hill Co-Founder and CEO Matthew Crisp. “The more responsive and competitive the industry is, the better equipped growers will be to sustainably meet demand for increasingly diverse solutions that benefit farms, communities, consumers and our society.”