Invisible Organization Plays Important Role

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ngfa_logo National Grain and Feed Association is one of those invisible sectors of agriculture, says Randy Gordon. With 1,100 member companies surrounding the feed and grain industry, however, they play a critical role for growers. The ability to help farmers add value to their products through exports and animal agriculture is why we have markets for the grain grown in this nation, Gordon explains.

The organization focuses on anything to do with marketing, from rail transportation and freight regulation to new traits in foreign markets.

“We’re trying to change that dynamic with a low level tolerance policy,” Gordon said of trade disruptions, such as the one with China. “So if there is a good stewardship program around some of these unauthorized traits in foreign markets they’ll grant some kind of tolerance on a minimal level that might be present.”

Next year promises to be a busy one for the group, with work on the Farm Bill beginning and work for TTP facing challenges. Listen to my full interview with Gordon from the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk event to learn more.
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