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Kinze had big things happening in 2016.  They recently introduced the new seed meter test stand, a tech-based support system that gives feedback on the performance of seed meters.  Phillip Jennings took the time to give me an update on the product at last week’s National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk event.

“Bring your meters into your local Kine dealers, they’re able to put them on the stand. Utilizing a new tablet user interface, you can set the seed meter up to see if it has the right population, travel speed, all the details of your management style, and then that meter gets tested, and it gives you not only accuracy and skips and multiples, but also COV (that’s coefficient of variation that is a direct correlation of ‘what does my end row spacing look like?’). So I can know before I go. I make sure I’m doing the best job possible and get the best performance out of my Kinze planter.”

Results from this past season are good, Jennings told me.  To keep the positive things going he suggests pulling that planter to the front of the shed, rather than burying it in the back behind fall equipment.  Take time this winter to look for updates to the software and get the monitors up to speed before spring arrives.

To hear more about what’s going on at Kinze, listen to my interview with Jennings here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Phillip Jennings, Kinze”]

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